D.P. Jain Begins Casting First Concrete Segment for Nagpur Metro’s Phase 2 Project

The commencement of construction for Package C-01 under Reach 2A marks the expansion of the Metro's network, with 13 km of elevated track and unique construction features planned

Picture Credit: Shubham Pandey
Picture Credit: Shubham Pandey

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): D.P. Jain & Co. Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. commenced casting the first concrete segment for Nagpur Metro’s Phase 2 project on Thursday. The commencement of construction for the 6.92 km Package C-01 (Automotive Square-Lekha Nagar) under Reach 2A signifies the further extension of the Metro’s network.

Awarded a Rs. 394.89 crore civil contract, this project builds on the existing 19.658 km Orange Line from Phase 1, pushing the northern extension through 13 km of elevated track. Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. (RVNL) secured the original contract in September 2023 and then subcontracted the construction to DP Jain.

The casting of segments, a critical component in viaduct construction, is being carried out at DP Jain’s yard in Khairy village on Kamptee Road (NH-247). The company plans to produce 2250 such segments for this project. The first segment cast, designated S5, will be positioned between piers 2P (116-117) and features a length of 3 meters, a top width of 8.5 meters, a bottom width of 3.5 meters, and weighs approximately 37 MT.

Unique Construction Feature

DP Jain incorporates a unique feature in this project by integrating a parapet wall with the segments, a practice not commonly seen in other Indian metros. This approach is expected to reduce construction and transportation time and the costs associated with purchasing separate casting moulds.

This extension, known as Reach 2A, will stretch from Automotive Square to Kanhan River, including 12 elevated stations and connecting to Lekha Nagar Station.

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