Kochi Metro Partners with Google Wallet for Flawless Experience

Kochi Metro becomes the first in India to integrate with Google Wallet, offering passengers a convenient and streamlined way to access tickets and navigate the transit network.


KOCHI (Metro Rail News): Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) is stepping ahead with digital ticketing by announcing its partnership with Google Wallet. This initiative makes Kochi Metro the first metro service in India to integrate with Google Wallet, marking a milestone in the digitisation of urban transportation.

During a press conference in Kochi, Loknath Behera, the Managing Director of KMRL, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. “We are proud to announce a significant milestone in the digitisation of urban transportation with the integration of Google Wallet into our ticketing system. This collaboration represents a leap forward in enhancing the travel experience for our metro users, providing them with a streamlined and convenient way to access tickets and navigate our transit network,” said Behera.

He highlighted the convenience and enhanced travel experience this integration promises metro users, allowing them to easily access tickets and navigate the transit network.

The integration process is powered by Prudent Technologies, a firm known for its innovative digital technology solutions. Geejo George (Founder Director), Sanjay Chacko (Director) at Prudent Technologies, and Ashish Mithal (Representative), Google were present at the event. Behera mentioned the possibility of extending this digital solution to Water Metro services, emphasising the successful adoption of digital initiatives in Kerala.

“We always think about attracting more passengers with the help of technology. We are thinking about how to extend the service to Water Metro as well. The similarity of the situation is such that the wallet can be used in Water Metro as well,” added Behera.

How to Use Google Wallet for Kochi Metro

For metro users eager to take advantage of this new feature, the process is straightforward:

1. Open the Google Wallet application.
2. Select KMRL for Kochi Metro.
3. Choose your start and destination stations.
4. Explore various payment options available.
5. Complete the payment to receive your digital ticket instantly.

This collaboration between KMRL and Google Wallet enhances the convenience of accessing metro services and sets a benchmark for other metro services nationwide.

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