Delhi Metro | Commuters get stuck in Yellow line during peak hours

DMRC Yellow Line
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New Delhi: Metro Passenger at Yellow Line had a harrowing time on Tuesday after a technical Problem in the electrical system paralyzed operations at the HUDA City Center-Samaypur Badli corridor during the afternoon peak hours.

The problem started at 7:30 p.m. at the Jahangirpuri station due to a technical inconvenience in the electric aerial equipment (OHE) on the line towards Samaypur Badli. As a result, single-line operations had to be carried out on the downline between the Vishwavidyalaya and Samaypur Badli stations.

This resulted in the accumulation of trains, which caused massive delays throughout the corridor of almost 50 km. Thousands of passengers were stranded inside trains or at stations, since trains arrived late on average in 30 minutes. As the trains began to fill up, the line of passengers waiting at the stations continued to grow. “Many people tried to push and push in, but it was so full that most could not,” said one traveler.

Although a spokesperson for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) stated that trains normally operated from Vishwavidyalaya to the HUDA Center during this period, several travelers said that trains were traveling extremely slowly throughout the corridor, with trains stopping intermittently at all stations during long periods. and even between stations.

  1. “In Chhatarpur, the train did not move for almost half an hour, then it started but it stopped in a tunnel after a while.” As people became uneasy inside the crowded train, someone pressed the emergency button to talk to the driver. That is when we have to know about the problem, “he added. “I finally went down to Hauz Khas after an hour and a half, a trip that usually lasts 23 minutes.”

2.  “I boarded a train from the Guru Dronacharya station in Gurgaon at 6:20 p.m. and the train ran very slowly, it took me 40 minutes to get to Chhatarpur, a distance usually covered in 15 minutes.” The train continued to stop for long periods along this period, “said Nandita Mukherjee, a traveler.

3. Sharma said. “The train stopped at each station for 5-10 minutes and, at Arjangarh, it stopped for almost half an hour.” Sharma, who boarded the train at Huda City Cenre around 7:30 p.m., arrived at Jahangirpuri at 9.40. “It usually takes about an hour and 20 minutes.”Rohit Sharma, another traveler, had a more torturous journey while traveling from the HUDA City Center to Jahangirpuri.
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“Even though I’ve faced obstacles from the subway before, Tuesday was the worst

4. The DMRC spokesman stated that the problem was solved at 8.37 p.m. and that normal services were restored soon in the affected section. The travelers, however, said that the trains did not work normally until 10pm.

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