Delhi Metro | DMRC collects Rs 90 lakh fine for different penalties activity in metro

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Delhi Metro

New Delhi: Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has collected a fine of Rs 90 lakh from June 2017 to May 2018 for violation of rule to not sit on the floor of Metro while travelling. While most fines are being taken from commuters who violates this rule. The highest penalty of Rs 39,20,220 has been collected from  the people travelling on the yellow line. Apart from this fine has also been imposed on different violating activities they are like Carrying an objectionable goods, illegally entering, walking on metro tracks, throwing garbage, traveling without proper tokens, obstacles in the work of officials. According to an Right to Information (RTI) the Rs 38 lakh as fines over 11 months from those caught sitting on the floor of the train.  The 19026 people were punished for sitting on the floor while travelling. If you sit on the floor, you have to pay a fine of Rs 200 rupees. There was also a case of climbing the roof of a train, which also imposed the fine for Rs 50. According to the DMRC, from June to May this year, 51,441 people gave fine and total 89, 94,380 rupees have been collected.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said that the highest amount, Rs 38 lakh, was collected for squatting on the floor.

A recent statement that in view of a large number of cases of violation of rules in Metro premises, the administration has authorised station personnel to directly impose fines up to Rs 500 and realise penalties for offences such as squatting, littering, nuisance, travelling with undervalued tokens and obstructing officials on duty, said DMRC.

At present Delhi Metro has an over 210-km network across Delhi- NCR. And the daily Metro’s ridership in October 2017 was 24.2 lakh. Blue Line and yellow line of Delhi metro are two of the oldest and the busiest lines of the network.

When we have interacted with commuters most of the passengers say they don’t understand why they should be fined for sitting on the floor.

Like Anuska Gupta a daily commuter from Dwarka sector to Mukherjeenagar , who takes around 1hours reach home by Metro.

She said I can’t understand why there is fine for seating on a floor of Metro. When there is space and I don’t interrupt in passenger convenience. She further stated that sometimes I forgot that is it really offence?

I would like to give answer of such question which usually arises in minds of people.

A person sitting on the floor not only affects commuters who are only coming in the metro but also to them who are going from Metro. And sometimes it’s become difficult excuse the one who are sitting at the floor as most of them are always busy on listing songs, or on phone which causes delays.


  1. Rules were laid when metro starTed decade back. Authorities did not take it seriously in beginning.People TUK it for granted n started to take as an advantage n misused. Suddenly they became serious n started to take on the passengers without letting them go unbooked. THEY SHUD HAVE GIVEN NOTICE ABOUT CONSEQUENCES.THAT WUD HAVE ALERTED COMMUTERS.

  2. Can u tell me why dmrc shut down the free wifi in blue line metro stations?
    Passengers are facing problem due to hike on fare, they are fined just for sitting in the floor.
    And dmrc is just collecting these pennies and does not ‘t even give free water and toilet service.
    Dmrc didn’t give Free wifi service even for one year.
    I just want to know the reason for shutting down the free wifi in blue line metro stations.


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