Delhi Metro | DMRC to introduce 10 trip travel card for airport express line riders


New Delhi: The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is introducing a new product i.e, a 10 Trip (10-T) travel card facility for its commuters of the Airport Express Line from 1st October 2016. This is aimed at facilitating those commuters who would like to avail limited travel trips. Such passengers can avail a maximum of 10 trips using this card to travel on the Airport Express Line.

The validity of the 10 Trip Card will be for 15 days and the facility will be applicable on trial for three months. This facility will be economical and also help save time for the occasional commuters of the Airport Express Line.

This card is in addition to the already available 30 trips and 45 trips travel card on the Express Line and used mostly by its regular commuters. Both these trip cards come with a validity of 30 days.

The Trip Cards of Airport Express Line are economical for commuters as they provide cheaper travel in the range of 10% to 55% depending on the number of stations travelled vis a vis those who use single journey token for their travel. For example, a token for a trip from New Delhi to Shivaji Stadium would cost a passenger Rs. 20/- whereas the same trip performed by a passenger having a 45 trip card would cost only (approx.) Rs. 9/-, Rs. 12/- with 30 trip card and Rs. 15 with 10 trip card.

This is one of the many measures that the Delhi Metro has taken in recent times to facilitate its passengers on the Airport Express Line. Recently, check in facility was introduced at both New Delhi and Shivaji Stadium Metro station for Air India and Jet Airways bound passengers. Ticket counters were also opened by Air India at these two stations. The frequency of the trains on this line was also increased to 10 minutes throughout the peak hours i.e. 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM.

Source//DMRC Press Release

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