Digital Payment Gets Boost with Maha Card

Around 32,000 Maha Cards Sold Till Now

Digital Payment Gets Boost with Maha Card

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): Maha Metro has always promoted digital means for fare payment. It has provided several options, including a mobile app and Maha Card. Maha Card is being extensively bought and used by the commuters of Maha Metro. Till now, 31,886 Maha Cards have been sold. The Card was launched and operated with the State Bank of India (SBI).
On average, every month, roughly 1,800 Maha Cards are sold. Thus, while making travelling more accessible in the City through its multiple initiatives, Maha Metro has taken a step forward to simplify the very process of travelling. Maha Metro Nagpur has adopted the EMV (Euro Master Visa) smart card-based Open loop Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system, which has been implemented across all metro stations in Nagpur.
Maha Card users get a 10 % rebate on journey fares. This system has enabled smart cards as other fare media for commuters to pay for the intended travel. Passengers must tap their cards on the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Gates at metro Stations while boarding and deboarding the train to pay their journey fare. The fare is deducted in the process. Maha Card can be bought from any Metro station. Maha Card and the state of art AFC system ensure fair and transparent revenue collection and settlement. This also avoids fraud and leakages. EMV standard-based Smart Card-oriented Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) is an end-to-end solution for commuters to pay for travel fares. The state-of-the-art solution is uniquely designed with the demand for revenue services while keeping the current transit operation in mind.
Some of the main features of MAHA CARD are:
a. Easy payment by tapping at Metro stations.
b. Highly secured Chip based dual interface (contact and contactless) smart card.
c. Dip and swipe interface.
d. Compatible with web and mobile-based transactions

e. Personalized Card on proven EMV (Europay, Master, Visa, Rupay) platform.
The Maha Card and AFC System, which Maha Metro Nagpur has embraced, have made commuting simpler and ensured that Metro train ride becomes hassle-free for every passenger.


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