Gawar Declared as The Lowest Bidder For Mumbai Metro Line 12’s Construction Contract

The contract entails Part design and construction of an elevated viaduct and 19 elevated stations, including a connecting line to the depot from the main line.

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MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): Mumbai Metro Rail Development Authority (MMRDA) has declared Gawar Constructions Ltd. (GCL) as the lowest bidder for the Mumbai metro Line 12’s construction Contract CA-240. 


CA-240 is the 22.17 km long southern elevated extension of the partially under construction 23.53 km Line-5 that connects Thane, Bhiwandi & Kalyan. The scope of the contract was later amended to include two more stations named Kalyan & APMC Kalyan. 

Estimated Cost: Rs. 1877.88 crore

Deadline: 30 Months 

Scope of the Contract 

The scope of the contract entails part design and construction of an elevated viaduct and 19 elevated stations viz. Kalyan, APMC Kalyan, Ganesh Nagar, Pisavali Gaon, Golavli, Dombivli MIDC, Sagaon, Sonarpada, Manpada, Hedutane, Kolegaon, Nilje Gaon, Vadavli (khu), Bale, Waklan, Turbhe, Pisarve Depot, Pisarve, Amandoot, including connecting line to depot from main line to depot of line 12 [Kalyan-Taloja] [excluding architectural finishing & pre-engineered steel roof structure of stations] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA. 


The bidders for the contract are: 

FirmBid (Rs. Crore)
Gawar Constructions Ltd. (GCL)2037.20
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd. (JKIL)2158.62

Gawar’s  Bid & further development 

Gawar Construction’s bid of Rs. 2037.20 crore exceeded MMRDA’s estimate of Rs. 1877.88 crore by 8.48%, a margin deemed acceptable for contract award without further negotiations. 

Given MMRDA’s historical tendency for prolonged contract award processes following bid openings, this step may extend from 3 to 6 months.

Mumbai Metro, Line 12 

The proposed Orange Line 12 (Extension), also known as the Kalyan-Dombivli-Taloja Line, is slated to be an extension of the existing Orange Line within the Mumbai Metro system. This extension will stretch over a total length of 22.17 kilometres and will predominantly feature elevated tracks. The confirmed construction budget for this project stands at Rs 2037.20 crore. The line is expected to encompass 19 stations along its route.

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