Cabinet Approves Railways Projects Worth Rs 12,343 Crore for Multi-tracking

The project aims to create employment using investment quantifying to 3 Crore man-day.

Indian Railways
Indian Railways (Representational Image)

NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approved railway projects worth Rs 12,243 divided across several verticals. It aims to enhance the railway network by 1,020 Kilometers. 

To Cover six states 

The projects worth over Rs 12,000 crore will cover six states: Rajasthan, Assam, Telangana, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Nagaland. 

S. no Name of the stretch Length (in Kms) Estimated Cost (in Rs) State 
1Ajmer-Chanderiya 178.281813.28 Rajasthan  
2Jaipur-Sawai Madhopur131.271268.57 Rajasthan
3Luni-Samdari-Bhildi 271.97 3530.92 Gujarat & Rajasthan 
4Agothri-Kamakhya with new rail cum Road Bridge 7.062 1650.37Assam
5Lumding-Furkating 140 2333.84 Assam & Nagaland 
6Motumari-Vishnupuram & rail over rail at Motumari 88.81 10.87 
Telangana & Andhra Pradesh 

Infrastructure Development

The projects, backed by total funding from the central government, represent a substantial stride towards infrastructural advancement in the region. This commitment underscores a strategic focus on bolstering the foundational structures crucial for sustained economic progress. This infusion of funds signifies a proactive approach to address infrastructural gaps and lay the groundwork for long-term sustainable development.

Big Boost to Employment 

In addition to catalysing infrastructural development, these fully funded projects are poised to stimulate significant employment opportunities, equivalent to three crore man-days. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to fostering economic growth by creating jobs and boosting local livelihoods.  The government is laying a solid foundation for inclusive growth and prosperity in the region by harnessing the potential of infrastructure projects to generate employment.

Essentials being facilitated 

These are essential transport routes for food grains, commodities, fertilisers, coal, cement, iron, steel, fly ash, clinker, limestone, POL, containers, etc. The capacity augmentation works will result in additional freight traffic of 87 MTPA (Million Tonnes Per Annum). The railways, being environment-friendly and energy-efficient modes of transportation, will help both in achieving climate goals and minimising logistics costs of the country, reducing oil imports and lowering CO2 emissions.

Gati Shakti Master Plan 

The projects result from PM-Gati Shakti National Master Plan for multi-model connectivity, which has been possible through integrated planning and will provide seamless connectivity for the movement of people, goods and services.


The financial outgo of the projects will be Rs 12,343 crore (approx.), with likely completion by 2029-30. They will facilitate the reduction of congestion and an increase in rail traffic. The projects will increase the existing line capacity of the sections, smoothening the train operations and improving punctuality and wagon turn-around time. 

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