How the COVID-19 is going to change the way we used to travel

The pandemic has changed our previous ways of living and we are trying to adopt new things. Although the movement of people from across different domains has started it will take time for commoners to travel through public transport.

Metro Rail Commuters During Pandemic Time
Metro Rail Commuters

This is the time to rethink about different things which we used to do during the pre-COVID era. Now, a lot more things have changed and we fear even touching anything as it might be a place from where one can catch Corona Virus. Since there is very little information available to us about the way Corona Virus spreads, we need to be more cautious. The WHO has recently accepted the possibility of airborne transmission of the Virus thus making it a very complicated matter of thought process.

It is certain that Corona Virus is not going to go away soon and it is reality that it will remain for a longer period than the health organizations have tried to assume. These facts make it quite clear that we will now begin to live in an era of Pandemic. The intensity of the infections however can be reduced through different means across the nation and globe but eradication of the evil will take time.

In such conditions, we will need to adapt to the new normal. There is no other way out with us to survive in future. The evolution of the human species itself is a long story of adaptation which can be seen in present situations. The masks were only used by a section of health workers till the start of this year but now it has become a necessity. Likewise, the people shall make them comfortable with the new rules. The need of social distancing is very crucial and once the public transports start to resume, there it will be clearly visible.

Most of the people across different parts of the Sub Continent use public transport systems to travel to their destinations. However, due to the continuous spread of the Corona Virus and the nationwide lockdown, the whole public transport system remains at a standstill except few exceptions. As the per day cases rise in the country, the Central government has made it clear that it is not going for a nationwide lockdown as it may hamper the economy in a very critical manner. Thus the government is unlocking different sectors of the economy and soon metro services in few cities may resume.

Now, once you go to board a metro, you will need to go through a thermal check-up along with maintenance of a distance of two metres between two people. The metro coaches will now no longer be overcrowded as it may create health problems. You will need to carry hand sanitizers with you with wearing of masks already induced by the pandemic.

The things will vary from city to city. An overcrowded bus too can’t be seen in the next few years. The trains and metro coaches will only cater to people who are travelling for some work.
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Travelling without any reason shall be discouraged and those travelling through metro for amusement shall leave the risky idea. The government must formulate few codes of law before it starts the operation of the metro.

It must be our priority to support the system in these tough times. We must be law abiding citizens and people must leave the casual behaviour at public spaces. It must be there in our minds that pandemic is not over but in real, it’s intensity has increased. So, once the metro starts its commute, you must take these precautions before and during your travel as responsible citizens.

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