Hyderabad Metro to run extra trips during rush hour

Raidurg is the busiest station with 20,188 passengers per hour, , followed by Miyapur (16,890) and KPHB (16,843).

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HYDERABAD(Metro Rail News): Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) has been operating three extra trips between Ameerpet and Raidurg, two extra trips between Mettuguda and Raidurg, in the morning rush hour and four additional trips between Ameerpet and Nagole during the evening rush hour each day on the Blue Line or Corridor Three of Nagole to Raidurg.

Managing director N.V.S. Reddy stated that with these extra journeys, we are running trains for every 2.45 minutes during the morning office rush hours between Ameerpet and Raidurg. The Red Line or Corridor One between L.B. Nagar and Miyapur tops the records with 2.12 lakh riders a day, although the daily cumulative ridership is currently about 3.78 lakh, which is still less than the pre-COVID high patronage of almost four lakh.

This is followed by the Blue Line with 1.63 lakh riders a day and the Green Line or Corridor Two between Jubilee Bus Station (JBS) and MGBS – Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, Imlibun at 20,834 riders.

MD stated that the Blue Line’s frequency is 5.30 minutes in the morning peak hours and 4.30 minutes in the evening peak hours, while the Red Line’s frequency is 4.10 minutes from peak to non-peak hours going from 6/7/10 minutes. It is between 6.45 and 9.30 minutes between off-peak hours. The frequency on the Green Line is every 7-9 minutes. There are trains available in every 10 to 15 minutes in the early morning timetable depending on the passengers demand.

Raidurg is the busiest station with 20,188 passengers per hour, , followed by Miyapur (16,890) and KPHB (16,843). Other stations with more than 10,000 passengers passing through them include Ameerpet (12,968 from the Blue Line and 10,551 from the Red Line), Uppal (11,455), JNTU (11,327), Parade Grounds (10,560), Secunderabad (9,611), and Hi-Tec City (9,363).


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