Indian Railways Plans To Invest In Redevelopment Of Gorakhpur Railway Station

Gorakhpur Railway Station
Gorakhpur Railway Station
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GORAKHPUR (Metro Rail News): The Indian Railways is planning to invest approximately Rs. 612 crores in the redevelopment project of the Gorakhpur Railway Station in the next five years, with the facilities on the line of the modern airport and aesthetic designs that reflect the amalgamation of old heritage and modern design.

According to the official information, it is assumed that the current daily footfall at the railway station will increase from 92,750 passengers to 1.67 lakhs in the next 50 years. It is further stated that the station’s current capacity during the peak hours of traffic is to handle 9,000 passengers, which will increase to 17,000 passengers after the renovation of the station building.

The main station building will spread over 17,900 square meters, double the current area’s size. Equivalently, the second entry station building will spread from 720 square meters to 74,00 square meters and have 44 lifts and 21 escalators along with a parking area that would accommodate 900 cars, double the number of cars parked now.

In addition, the renovated building will have a concourse of 63,000 sqm along with a seating capacity for 3,500 passengers and all passenger amenities in one place with a 72-meter-wide concourse, such as cafeterias and other recreational facilities.

A skyway will also be constructed that is expected to reduce the transit time from half an hour to 15 minutes.

The step for the redevelopment of the station taken by the Indian Railways will enhance the building facility that can uplift the development in the state and ease the transport services to the people.



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