It’s time for resumption of Metros across the nation

The ball is now in the court of MHA which is expected to take a final call on the matter today.

Metro Services to Resume across the country

New Delhi (Metro Rail News): The things have not much changed as far as Corona spread is concerned. The conditions have much deteriorated, and it continues. However, it has now become clear that the pandemic will not be over soon, and people now need to make adjustments in their lives according to the needs of the time. The economy has been affected much and will take a long time for a revival.

The pandemic which is being taken as a Made in China initiative, it has hampered the world economy with causing least impacts on China. In India, the pandemic has created huge loss both of lives and wealth.

As the lockdown restrictions are being eased up, most parts of the Indian economy are now open. However, the most crucial component of the economy, which helps easy transportation of goods and People has been affected much. The Public transport systems whether it be Railways, Metros, Local trains or Sub Urban Services, everything has not resumed yet.

As the workplaces have been opened up and people need to reach to their factories or offices on time, the lack of availability of effective public transport services is creating Havoc. Once the government planned to open up office spaces and companies, it was needed to restart metro services to ease the travel. Many people have been complaining that it is taking much of their salaries to travel through cabs or auto rickshaws. The need of the time is to address the genuine concerns of the people to help further the economy to gain faster recovery.

Meanwhile, the different Metro Authorities have started preparing. We provide here with a list of such Metro Agencies which are working to resume metro services while waiting for the Government nod.

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ( DMRC ) 

The DMRC is the nodal agency for running metro in the Capital City of India. The DMRC network is the biggest of that of South Asia, and it is believed to be the mother organization of all the other metro establishments of the nation.

Recently, the DMRC made a collaboration with Autope to bring more effective and contactless ticketing system. “The Autope Smart Card with Auto recharge option comes handy at these times wherein, commuters are going to follow a new travel protocol (whenever Metro services resume) which calls for social distancing and contactless services due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. However, irrespective of the new card/feature, the existing Smart Cards owned by the commuters will continue to remain valid in the same manner as they used to be so far”, the DMRC said in a statement.

Kochi Metro

Running in one of the Southernmost parts of the country, the Kochi Metro has geared up for the resumption of its services. In a move to serve the passengers, the Kochi Metro has decided to run trains every 20 minutes. Operations will resume at 7 am and end around 8:30.

“We have plans to increase the number of trains based on the passenger footfall. Kochi Metro has taken all steps to provide a safe and secure travel for all Kochiites.” said Alkesh Kumar Sharma IAS, Additional Chief Secretary and MD KMRL.

Lucknow metro

The UPMRC, nodal agency for running Lucknow metro has come up with many new plans. Regular sanitization, along with the implementation of new technologies are a few major things which the corporation is doing.

“Keeping in mind, the health and safety of its commuters, UPMRC will ensure that all station premises, equipment and other points of contact are being sanitized at regular intervals of 4-5 hours. This including the ticket counters (TOMs), TVM (Ticket Vending Machines), Customer Care centres, Entry-Exit gates, handrails inside trains, handrails at the escalator and seats of trains, platforms etc.”, UPMRC said to Metro Rail News.

Nagpur Metro

The Managing Director of Maha Metro, Dr Brajesh Dixit recently visited Rahate Colony and Ajani Metro stations of Orange line of Nagpur Metro. He reviewed the preparations on the stations and further gave instructions to officials available there.

According to sources, the Nagpur Metro too is in working mode and may resume services once the centre gives a green signal.

Bangaluru Metro

As it is expecting to resume after Home Ministry nod, the preparations are final. It has experienced a huge loss both of fare and non-fare revenues.

The metro authorities are also experiencing huge revenue losses, and they are requesting the Central Government to let them run with limited passengers.

The ball is now in the court of MHA which is expected to take a final call on the matter today.


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