Jaipur Metro | JMRC again ready to increase its non-fair revenue system

Jaipur Metro
Jaipur Metro

Jaipur: The Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) is once again ready to increase its non-fare revenue from the Jaipur Metro. The tenders are invited to sublet the retail space for setting up the ATM machine at the metro station.

The corporation has decided to lease out space and will provide an extension after the completion. The form for the tender applicant can deposit till August 21, 2018.

JMRC had decided to sublet the three-metro station Vivek Vihar, Chandra pole, Ramnagar. The corporation has decided to lease out spaces for a five- year extension after completion.

The about 472.70 square meter at concourse level and 165 square meters at the Vivek Vihar metro station will be leased out and for Ramnagar 2038 square meter for starting 15 years and extension for 5 years.

JMRC had suffered operational losses due to the decrease in ridership. Jaipur is the first metro station in India to run on Double story elevated road and Metro track. Some questions raised upon the corporation about the continuous failure of the Jaipur metro. It is India’s sixth metro rail system after Kolkata, Delhi. Gurgram, Mumbai

JMRC was also funded by the state government through Rajasthan Transport Infrastructure Development Fund funded 45 crores and in past few years JMRC earned revenue of Rs 19 crore and suffered loss about 46 crores. The agency has almost spending of 36 crores in the year of 2016-2017.

The state government is funding money throughout the losses and helping to cure this problem and now they planned to lease space for ATM so as they get financial support from rent that corporation will get.

“Twenty-five percent of the total revenue accrued to RTIDF is forming green Tax surcharge on taxes on registration of vehicles. More 25% of total revenue accrued to RTIDF its form of sub charge and duty of registration building and planned exchange etc “as per a report.


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