Kanpur Metro’s Second Tunnel Breakthrough Successfully Completed in Corridor-1

Both tunnels ready from Bada Chauraha to Nayaganj. TBM 'Tatya' achieved breakthrough at Nayaganj after constructing 1005 meter tunnel.

Kanpur Metro's Second Tunnel Breakthrough Successfully Completed in Corridor-1
Kanpur Metro's Second Tunnel Breakthrough Successfully Completed in Corridor-1

KANPUR (Metro Rail News): Under Corridor-1 (IIT-Kanpur to Naubasta) of the Kanpur Metro Rail Project, the tunnelling work of the underground section from Chunniganj to Nayaganj is currently in progress. Kanpur Metro successfully conducted a second tunnel breakthrough in this section on January 16 and Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) ‘Tatya‘ reached Nayaganj after constructing 1005 meter long tunnel from Bada Chauraha. The ‘Tatya’ TBM was launched in August 2022 from Bada Chauraha.

Earlier, ‘Nana’ TBM, which was constructing a tunnel in this section, reached Nayaganj from Bada Chauraha on December 6, 2022, after completing the construction of the downline tunnel.

So far ‘Tatya’ Tunnel Boring Machine has erected 718 rings while arriving at the retrieval shaft at Nayaganj. However, seven more rings will be erected until the TBM machine is retrieved from the retrieval shaft.

The tunnel was built passing under the city’s busiest areas, which also had many old buildings, which is an excellent achievement in itself. In this way, the tunnel construction work of both the ‘upline’ and ‘downline’ tunnels between Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj is complete.

‘Tatya’ will now be retrieved from the retrieval shaft built at Phoolbagh-Nayaganj metro station. The ‘Nana’ TBM, which completed tunnel construction in December, has already been retrieved from the retrieval shaft. Soon both these machines will be launched from the launching shaft made in Chunniganj, and these TBMs will construct a tunnel to Bada Chauraha via Naveen Market.

Mr. Sushil Kumar, Managing Director, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited, said, “This breakthrough by Tatya TBM is a very proud moment for us. TBMs’ Nana’ and ‘Tatya’ lead us to fulfil the dream of a world-class metro system in Kanpur.

The route between Chunniganj and Nayaganj is one of the busiest routes in the city. With the help of these state-of-the-art TBMs, we have constructed underground tunnels passing through the city’s heart with complete safety without affecting the traffic on the roads.

The civil construction work on Kanpur Central-Transport Nagar underground section and Baradevi-Naubasta elevated section of the first corridor is progressing quickly. It is my firm belief that our team, with their dedication and commitment, will be able to achieve the set goals in the stipulated time in the future as well.”


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