Kochi Metro | KMRL invites for meeting for the Petta-Tripunithura stretch alignment changes

Kochi Metro Construction Site (Representation image)

Kochi: Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) has convened a meeting with senior oil company officials on January 16 as part of the original for the Petta- after it was discovered that it was going “too close” of the company. underground gas pipelines there.

  1. “We will make changes in the alignment so that there is no threat to the pipelines, even while the construction activities are being carried out, such as stacking, a final decision will be made after taking the oil companies in confidence.” (according to statement of a senior Metro official).

2. According to the original alignment prepared by Rail India’s Technical and Economic Services (RITES) in the Petta-Tripunithura section of two kilometers, the subway pillars will be located in the center of the road and 13 meters of land will be available on both sides. sides. However, the underground pipelines are located to the right of the road in the SN junction direction of Petta.

3. “We plan to take more land to the left side, approximately 1.5 to two meters of additional land, and rework the alignment, we are in close contact with the Revenue Department and we begin acquiring land in the stretch as soon as possible so that it does not occur no delay.”(according to statement of a senior official side).

The DMRC wants the construction in Petta-SN Junction to be carried out together with the works in the Thykoodam-Petta section next year and wants the land acquisition and other processes to be completed before that.

The DMRC also wants the contractor Cherian Varkey Constructions, who was entrusted with the work until Pettah, to also carry out construction work on the Petta-Tripunithura stretch. Otherwise, a separate tender must be called in a two-kilometer stretch, a difficult job since most contractors will be reluctant to take on the small job.

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