Kochi Metro | KMRL sign agreement with auto drivers


Kochi: Kochi Metro Rail Limited has signed a Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) with the district-level coordination committee of autorickshaw driver unions to integrate the tuk-tuk network with the Metro system. The historic agreement will bring together 15,000 automatic rickshaws in the Greater Kochi area under a single umbrella that will act as a single unit to transport public transport passengers to their final destination and vice versa.

Cars under a registered partnership will begin to operate for a variety of services such as feeder, hire, call and rental. The objective is to support KMRL in the implementation of ‘Seamless Transportation for Kochi by providing connection services around its stations and other modes of public transport. The feeder services will operate their fleet through the routes identified with a specific number of services and trips. Up to 300 automobile drivers have received behavioral and road safety training to operate as feeder conveyors in a passenger-friendly manner.

The JDI was signed on Tuesday between Thiruman Archunan (director – projects, KMRL) and M.B. Syamathabhadran, convenor, the district-level coordination committee of auto rickshaw driver unions in the presence of A.P.M. Mohammed Hanish, MD, KMRL.

“This may be the first time in the country that the auto rickshaw drivers have been formalized, along with this, the formation of bus companies will improve operational efficiency and, therefore, better working hours, working conditions and salaries. They benefit from the single step, “said Hanish.

“Once the rickshaw society is formed, drivers and their families will be provided training, training and other support to get involved in home-based businesses to support their income.” KMRL has facilitated the agreement by bringing together the six car drivers’ unions in the city. The society would also operate 150 electric cars in the feeder network.

Metro will deploy 160 E-cars. Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) which is operating Kochi Metro Rail is set up to deploy 160 electric auto rickshaws as power service in its phased stations to promote vehicle service in green mode without pollution. There will be exclusive parking for these rickshaws at selected stations with capacity to charge energy. Kinetic India has been selected as a licensee for operations.

“After the hours of operation of KMRL, slots that stop the night with electric charging ports will be allowed, a separate meter will be connected to the electronic ports and users will have to pay the cost of the real electricity. selected for e-cars. Dedicated collection points will be provided to the taxi / autorickshaw aggregator at the selected stations, “said one official.

KMRL will designate specific areas for kiosks in the 16 metro stations for a period of three years for the aggregator. The E-rickshaw must be marked according to the design approved by KMRL. Aggregator can provide its own mobile and web application for the reservation and sale of tickets. All these applications will be integrated with the Kochi 1 application Kochi. The bidder can use the kiosk area for its own brand with the prior approval of KMRL. All data, including travel data, user data and payment data, generated by successful bidders must be shared in real time with KMRL.

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