Kochi Metro lends a helping hand to those affected by floods


Kochi: The Kerela floods have brought the entire country together. In times of crisis each and everyone is doing its bit to help those affected by floods.
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Kochi Metro in its bid to help and strengthen rescue operations in Kerela has been working tirelessly to bring relief to those affected.

The Kochi Metro social media feed is informing, educating and helping people to help those who have been affected.

Here are some Twitter feeds that public should take note of:

As general public and those who are commuting via Kochi Metro, Metro Rail News wishes to make a humble request. It is important to help the Kochi Metro officials and staff members who are proactively working to collect and distribute relief materials to those affected by the floods. Commuters are requested not to board metro to get a glimpse of the flood.

Commuters can instead help in dropping relief material or extend helping hand to Kochi Metro in easing out the situation. As public we should our bit in this time of crisis and help those who need it the most.


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