Kochi Metro to construct Metro Light in Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram

The DPR should be prepared in line with the guidelines issued by the Union Government.

Kochi Metro
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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM (Metro Rail News): The cabinet meeting was held on Wednesday, and it was resolved to entrust Kochi Metro Rail Ltd construction for the Light Metro/Metro Light projects and three flyovers that will be built in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode by Kerala Rapid Transit Corporation Ltd. For the Light Metro projects, the Kochi Metro will be tasked with creating a new, comprehensive project report. The DPR needs to be created in accordance with the instructions provided by the Union Government.

The Kerala Land Reforms Act, 1963’s principles and requirements for granting exemptions from the law’s land ceiling restriction were modified by the government. Applications for exemption will be conducted through an entirely online approach.

The Kochi metro project is the first metro in the country which connects rail, road, and water transport facilities. The first phase is being set up at an estimated cost of ₹51.81 billion. In October 2017, Kochi Metro was named the Best Urban Mobility Project in India by the Urban Development Industry, as part of the Urban Mobility India (UMI) international conference hosted by the ministry every year.

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