Kochi Metro to permit cycles from all stations, Ridership Crosses 15000 Mark

Kochi Metro
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KOCHI (Metro Rail News): Considering the requests of the public and cyclists in general, Kochi Metro has decided to permit commutters to carry their cycles along for the ride from all the metro stations.
On a pilot basis, Kochi Metro had permitted entry of cycles from six stations. On Sunday (November 22) 67 cyclists enjoyed a metro ride. The average ridership of Kochi Metro is 15,000 now.
“The response from the public was overwhelming. We are equipped to serve the people from all the metro stations. The entry will be available from Sunday 29 November, 2020.” said Additional Chief Secretary Alkesh Kumar Sharma IAS, MD KMRL.
Kochi Metro meanwhile has created a guideline for the entry of cycles. At present four cycles will be permitted in one train. Bicycles must be free of debris and excess grease, dirt and sharp objects. Motor-powered recreational vehicles of any kind, tandem bicycles, tricycles and bicycles with training wheels are not permitted.
Bicycles that are folded or disassembled and enclosed in carrying bags are deemed “luggage” items. Cyclists are prohibited from riding bicycles in the station premises, corridors, Link bridge & on platforms or in any covered areas.


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