Kolkata Metro discontinuous Non A/C Coaches from Next week

With new AC coaches, the Kolkata metro rail will be fully air-conditioned

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KOLKATA, INDIA (Metro Rail News): Kolkata metro on Friday, in a press release, stated that non-AC coaches would no longer be functional. Kolkata metro rail will also make a formal announcement on 24th October, which marks the 37th Operational day for the organization. With the increasing use of new trains, Metro Railway plans to make the final withdrawal of the first group of non-AC coaches, which were first introduced 33 years ago. The new trucks provided by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Perambore are finally operational after the initial technological breakdown, Metro officials said the number of AC trains has increased since December.

Before that, only 60 per cent of Metro ships had cool air, sources said. With more AC racks on ships, older non-AC racks will be phased out, the official said. In March, the last seven BEL-produced racks will be removed, the official said. Metro services in the city began in 1984. Seven non-AC yellow rakes were purchased between 1984 and 1988.

Kolkata metro will run the last non-AC coach on 24th October, 5:30 PM. The initial station will be Mahanayak Uttam Kumar, and the final destination will be Naopara Car-shed. It is noteworthy that the first metro train was an underground metro, and the operations were started on 24th October 1984. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi laid the foundation for the Kolkata metro rail.


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