Kolkata Metro | Poor supply brings halt in Phoolbagan site.

Kolkata East-West Metro Trial Run
Trial run commenced up to Sealdah for East-West Line of Kolkata Metro

Kolkata: On Monday Crisis at Kolkata Metro line-2 (East – West metro) causes halt in Phoolbagan site. Phoolbagan station which is about to come in operation by 2019. But supply is continuously delaying the work at Phoolbagan site.

The project’s implementing agency and ITD-ITD cementation was given contract to build the sector-V Sealdah of Est-West Metro. Which has tried a lot to continue work at Phoolbagan site; at any how he was able to managed to procure around 200 tonnes stone chips locally. But other basic materials are still not being supplied to the site.

On Sunday restoration of the road at Phoolbagan crossing and construction came to be halt because of crackdown reported by TOI.

On June 29 when the road paving was stalled as a result of a four-hour clash between two Syndicates at Phoolbagan site. Even though ITD-ITD cementation had lodged a police complaint and the culprit were rounded up within 48 hours. This is second time when such problems is coming at Phoolbagan sites, this time there is no such individual to complain against therefore most of the work has been kept suspended.Most of the work are depends on the material for which suppliers from Rampurhat and Nalhati are demanding thrice the transport cost they billed earlier. And local suppliers can only supply material for 10% of the work.

About Kolkata Metro Line-2:

The Line-2 of Kolkata Metro also known as the East-West Corridor. Which will connect  Salt Lake in Kolkata with Howrah. This will consist 12 stations from Salt Lake V in the east to Howrah Maidan in the west. This will include 6 elevated and 6 underground stations, with a total distance of 16.6 km.

Kolkata Metro will be completed in three phase:

  • The first phase which will run from Sector V to Salt Lake Stadium is currently expected to be operational in June 2018.
  • The second phase till Phoolbagan which is expected to be in operational by June 2019.
  • The third phase till Sealdah will be in operational by December 2019.

The final phase which includes the journey through the tubular tunnels under the Ganges shall be operational by December 2020.


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