Kolkata Metro to run 204 train services from December 7 Onwards

Kolkata Metro/Representational image only

KOLKATA (Metro Rail News): To enhance passenger convenience, the Kolkata Metro has decided to run additional services and extend timings of its services from 7 December. The Metro Railway in the city will now run 204 daily services instead of 190 services from Monday to Saturday starting 7 December.

Taking to Twitter, Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways wrote, “People of Kolkata can rejoice as from 7th December, metro to increase services to 204 from Monday to Saturday.” He also wrote, “Further enhancing passenger convenience, there will also be an extension of timings & easier travel with services being available every 7 minutes during peak hours” in a tweet.

The first service will start from both ends i.e. from Dum Dum and Kavi Subhash at 7 am instead of 8 am and from Noapara at 7.09 am instead of 8.09 am. From Monday onwards, the last train service will leave Kavi Subhash and Dum Dum at 21.30 hours instead of 21.00 hours and from Noapara at 21.25 hours instead of 20.55 hours, according to an official statement. Metro rail services will be available in every 7 minutes during morning and evening peak hours.

Senior citizens, ladies and kids below 15 years will not be required to produce e-passes throughout the day. For all other passengers, e-passes will not be required between 7 am and 8.30 am, and 8 pm onwards. However, tokens will not be issued due to the pandemic, and travellers are required to make use of smart cards.


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