Kolkata Metro’s East-West Corridor Gearing Up for Unmanned Operations 

The signaling system has already received the required required nod from the CRS.

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KOLKATA (Metro Rail News): Kolkata Metro is going to adopt an Automatic Train Operation (ATO) System between Salt Lake Sector V to Sealdah stretch of East-West Metro.   

Clearance form CRS 

Necessary clearance from the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) has been received for commissioning this system o­n this stretch. 

CBTC System 

East-West Metro Corridor is equipped with a Communication Based Train Control System (CBCTC).  This system consists of Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) facilities.


ATO consists of two systems viz. o­n-board and wayside ATO system. The salient features of the ATO System:

  1. It enables automatic braking, motoring, coasting, and stopping of the train within the specified speed profile. 
  2. When opted for ATO mode, the train accelerates, decelerates, controls and arranges motoring activities automatically.
  3. It ensures accurate stopping at the platforms and automatic opening of correct side train doors and Platform Screen Doors (PSD).  The responsibility of closing train doors, PSD and starting the train rests o­n the Motorman. 
  4. ATO operations ensure less power consumption and enhanced passengers’ comfort via optimum selection of acceleration and deceleration with controlled characteristics.

In ATO mode, Metro will move from o­ne station to the next station automatically after the long press of the ‘ATO Departure’ push button by the Motorman.  Train doors and PSD will open automatically after arrival at the next station.  The motorman will press the ‘Door Close’ push button on the respective side to close the train doors and PSD before starting the train.

Enhanced Safety 

Unmanned Train Operations (UTO) ensure the highest safety standards by eliminating human errors in traditional metro systems. With automation, UTO guarantees consistent train operations, reducing the risk of accidents due to factors like driver fatigue and distractions.

Enhanced Efficiency 

UTO not only enhances safety but also boosts efficiency. Automated systems maintain uniform speeds, providing a smoother ride experience, reducing wear and tear, and increasing train frequencies. This efficiency accommodates growing passenger demand during peak hours without requiring additional infrastructure investments.

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