Lucknow Metro | LMRC achieves Breakthrough of TBM Gomti


Lucknow: The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) today successfully achieved the breakthrough of TBM-Gomti near Sahu Cinema in Hazratganj in 6 1/2 months due to the hardwork and commitment of Lucknow Metro Project team.With this ‘breakthrough’, Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation has achieved one of the biggest milestones in form of completion of first TBM drive in the construction of underground Metro in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The state of the art onboard computerized tunnel guidance system have been provided in TBMs to ensure that the tunnelling is done as per the designed alignment to the highest level of accuracy. Extensive instrumentation has been done throughout the underground stretch and continuous online and real time monitoring is done by a team of dedicated experts to ensure safety during TBM operation.

The underground stretch of 3.67 km length of Lucknow Metro Project starts immediately after Charbagh and covers 3 underground stations at Hussainganj, Sachivalaya and Hazratganj . Work of tunneling in this section was started from the Sachivalaya underground Metro Station using two Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) named –‘Gomti’ and‘Ganga’ for Up and Down lines respectively.

Tunneling work for the UP line started on 23.01.2017 with TBM-Gomti, towards Hazratganj underground Metro station. The tunneling in this stretch posed an enormous technical challenge as the route passes beneath highly congested areas and basements of commercial establishmentsto lay the tracks at the depth of 12-15m below ground
level.LMRC has accomplished the difficult mission of not affecting the working of commercial establishments even for a day while tunneling beneath them.

TBM-Gomti having a length of 75m, has taken about 6 1/2 months to complete tunneling of 812m length from Sachivalaya to Hazratganj metro station, where it will be taken out and shifted to other end of Sachivalaya station for starting tunneling towards Hussainganj metro station. Preparatory arrangements are being made in the meantime for the breakthrough after completion of tunnel drive.

Second TBM-Ganga which is working in parallel on Down Line between Sachivalaya and Hazratganj has completed 782 m tunneling and its breakthrough is also expected shortly.
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