Lucknow Metro | LMRC Completes Pushing Truss Bridge Over Avadh Rotary

Lucknow Metro Completes Pushing Truss Bridge Over Avadh Rotary
Lucknow Metro Completes Pushing Truss Bridge Over Avadh Rotary

Lucknow: Lucknow Metro’s contractors for package LKCC-01 between Amausi & Charbagh completed pushing a 60m long steel truss bridge over the Avadh intersection for the 22.878 km north-south metro line!

pushing work
                              Pushing work
pushing work team
                             Pushing work team

Weighing 460 MT, the bridge was recently assembled just south of the Avadh rotary, and pushing work for it began on the night of August 8 by a team of Larsen & Toubro (L&T) and HMM Infra. This challenging task took 4 days to complete and was achieved by applying the push-launching method using multiple rollers and hydraulic jacks. Prior to being assembled on-site, the bridge was fabricated at HMM Infra’s facility in Ambala where their engineers also performed a trial assembly.

The launching activity of this 470 ton steel span over metro viaduct was a daunting task in itself as this activity was performed during night hours at a height of approximately 13 meters above the road level. Lucknow metro had applied the ‘Push Launching Technology’ mechanism to achieve this engineering feat. ‘Push Launching Technology’ is a proven mechanism to do such type of launching activity where rolling of segments is concerned for erection of spans in metro construction  As per a LMRC official

With the bridge now successfully placed, L&T will now start concreting work at its deck after which track-laying work will commence. The 255m cantilever bridge is now the last major section pending on the entire 8.48 km priority corridor. Elsewhere, less than 35 U-girders are left to be placed in the run-up to the LMRC’s aggressive target of commencing trial runs by the end of the year.

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