Mumbai Monorail Merges With The Mumbai Metro 

MMRDA has merged the two to ensure seamless operations and combat losses.

Mumbai Monorail
Mumbai Monorail/ Image source: IRCTC

MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has merged the Monorail Project Implementation Unit (Mono-PIU) with the Maha Mumbai Metro Operation Corporation Ltd (MMMOCL). 


The merger was greenlighted last month in a meeting of the MMRDA in Nagpur. This would also affect the Top management of the Authority. 


With Mumbai Monorail having reached the stature of  a heavy load on the Exchequer’s pocket, the initiative aims to serve the following purposes: 

  1. Better operations of the monorail. 
  2. Curtailing losses owing to low ridership, etc. 
  3. Cutting Costs 
  4. Saving Duplicting Expenses. 


The merger would save over ₹40 to 60 crore annually on various costs and taxes and would cut duplication of manpower, which is one of the most significant expenditures. 


Mono-PIU has a distinct organisational structure comprising three central departments: 

  1. Operations, 
  2. Maintenance, and 
  3. Support

In the merger process, MMRDA officials will carefully examine areas like administration, train and station operations, commercial aspects, and signalling & telecommunications. They will then make decisions based on identified needs.

New Monorails 

New Monorail rakes are also to be introduced in the near future. These would be somewhat distinct in the following aspects: 

  1. The nose is expected to be flatter
  2. The guard wheels will be more than the existing ones for smoother travel
  3. The internal electronics will be superior to the earlier ones. 

Enhanced Ridership with Enhanced Efficiency 

With the new trains, the agency plans to increase daily trips from 118 to 250, carrying 10,000 to 12,000 passengers. The wait time between trains is expected to decrease from 18-20 minutes to 5-7 minutes. The monorails have a lifespan of approximately 15 years.

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