Nagpur Metro Appeals to People for Using Metro for a Cleaner City

Nagpur Metro giving infra projects a good name
Nagpur Metro

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): “Maha Metro is executing one of the greenest projects in Nagpur. The various aspects of the green project have been very well taken care of. Extensive use of solar energy, planting different kind of trees, creating a vertical garden are a few steps aimed at making a difference in the lives of the citizens. Thus Maha Metro is serving as Green Lung of the city”, it said in a statement.
A Metro ride also makes a significant contribution to maintaining one’s health. Use of metro as a means of transportation reduces the carbon footprint as it also prevents toxic emissions from vehicles using petroleum products. The green energy used by Metro also plays an important role in preventing pollution. Maha Metro thus plays a multi-purpose role in keeping citizens in a healthy frame of mind and body.

Toxic fumes affect human body: Noted doctors and medical specialists from the city agree that Metro plays a vital role in providing a healthy life. “A journey by Metro train ensures that one travels in an environment-friendly zone. One is not exposed to the toxic emissions from two, three and four-wheelers. The fumes from such vehicles could damage one’s body,’’ said Dr Meena Mishra, Professor, Department of Microbiology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Nagpur.
Studies have shown that major pollutants emitted by motor vehicles including Carbon-mono-Oxide (CO), Nitrous Oxide (NOx), Sulphur Oxide (SO), Lead (Pb) and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) have exhibited damaging effects on both human health and ecology.

Emission could be Reduced: As per the detailed project report prepared by Maha Metro, emission amounting to as much as 68.47 thousand tons of Carbon-di-Oxide (CO2) could be reduced by 2022 by using Metro train as a mode of transport.
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Similarly, the quantity of other toxic gases expected to be reduced by the same time is 2.62 thousand tons.  Added noted cardiologist Dr Shantanu Sengupta, emissions as those by vehicles cause respiratory problems.

Thus, the lesser the number of vehicles running on petrol and diesel on city roads, the better it would be for the Nagpurians. This can be achieved by avoiding personal vehicles and using Metro train instead, he said. Maha Metro serves as city’s Green Lung, he said and urged Nagpurians to use Metro.
Maha Metro is providing passenger services on Orange and Aqua Lines. Maha Metro has always urged citizens to use Metro as a mode of transport. The city doctors have also exhorted citizens to use Metro, not just to keep the city clean and green, but also to ensure that one stays healthy”, the statement further added.


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