Namma Metro Phase 3: BMRCL Faces Hurdles in Land Acquisition

Resistance persists despite BMRCL offering compensation double the market value for land acquisition

Namma Metro
Namma Metro

BANGALORE (Metro Rail News): As the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) moves forward with land acquisition efforts, some property owners are raising concerns. Despite BMRCL offering compensation equivalent to 200% of the market value and careful planning, a fresh issue arises about the potential consequences of partial land acquisition.

BMRCL has identified 713 properties to acquire 106 acres to facilitate Metro BMRCL’s Phase 3 project. These properties are crucial for the successful implementation of the project, yet not all landowners are willing to part with their holdings.

Corridors and Stations Overview

Phase 3 of the Metro project encompasses two elevated corridors. Corridor 1 stretches 32.5 km from JP Nagar IVth Phase to Kempapura via Outer Ring Road. Corridor 2 extends 12.5 km from Hosahalli to Kadabagere on Magadi Road.

Metro Map 2025 Bengaluru City.pdf
Bengaluru City’s Metro Map (BMRCL)

Government Approval Status

While the Karnataka Cabinet has approved the project, clearance from the Centre is pending, causing delays. Approval is expected after the formation of a new government. M S Channappa Goudar, General Manager of the Land Acquisitions Cell at BMRCL, spoke about the current progress.

Challenges Faced in Land Acquisition

Despite offering compensation equivalent to 200% of the market value, BMRCL encounters resistance from some landowners. Three families have lodged protests against the acquisition of their properties. M S Channappa Goudar explains the concerns regarding partial acquisition and its impact on the value of the remaining land.

Specifics of Protested Properties

The disputed properties encompass a total area of 165.65 sqm, comprising three distinct plots of land: 78.18 sqm, 40.14 sqm, and 47.33 sqm. Landowners express concerns about the potential decrease in the value of their remaining land due to the partial acquisition. These parcels are integral to the Vinayaka Layout Metro Station.

The BMRCL officials are evaluating the situation to devise an appropriate course of action. The corporation aims to address the concerns raised while ensuring the smooth progression of Metro Phase 3. Various challenges persist in the acquisition process, but BMRCL remains committed to advancing the Metro Phase 3 project to benefit Bangalore’s residents.

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