Namma Yatri and BMRCL to Pilot Auto-Rickshaw Services for Metro Stations

Pilot Project at Indiranagar Metro Station to Streamline Auto-Rickshaw Services for Safer, More Convenient Commutes

Namma Yatri offering last mile connectivity.
Namma Yatri offering last mile connectivity.

BANGALORE (Metro Rail News): India’s first open network mobility app, Namma Yatri, is set to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) to address the last-mile connectivity gap to and from metro stations in Bengaluru. The pilot project aims to streamline auto-rickshaw services for metro commuters, enhancing convenience and safety.

Namma Yatri (Moving Tech Innovations Private Limited) has proposed to BMRCL to establish kiosks and commence services on a pilot basis at the Indiranagar Metro Station by the end of May. The digital solution will enable NY drivers to select destinations from metro stations based on a ‘queue’ system. If no rides are available in the queue, requests will be directed to a normal ride-hailing mode.

BMRCL explains their collaboration with Bangalore Traffic Police and Namma Yatri. The aim is to provide a safe, affordable, and reliable last-mile connectivity option for metro commuters. The pilot project’s success at the Indiranagar Metro Station will determine the potential expansion to other metro stations.

Namma Yatri’s Perspective

According to reports, prepaid auto stands at metro stations were ineffective and contributed to the last-mile connectivity gap. The digital solution by Namma Yatri allows drivers to choose their destination as part of a queue system, offering flexibility and convenience for both drivers and passengers.

In September of the previous year, the Auto Rickshaw Drivers Union, led by Rudramurthy, launched Metro Mitra, another last-mile connectivity solution. Despite being based on meter charges and an additional Rs 10 pick-up fee, the service faced operational challenges and did not succeed. Namma Yatri emphasized that their service is distinct from Metro Mitra.

Addressing Long-Standing Connectivity Issues

Last-mile connectivity has been a persistent issue for Bengaluru metro commuters. Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy, during the Winter Session in December 2023, shared that only 76,000 passengers use 134 metro feeder buses daily, a low number compared to the nearly 40 lakh daily metro passengers. Commuters often face harassment from auto-rickshaw drivers who charge exorbitant prices for short distances.

The pilot project at Indiranagar Metro Station will be closely monitored. Its success could pave the way for a city-wide implementation, offering commuters a reliable and efficient transportation solution.

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