NMRC Revolutionizes Ticketing Experience: Introduces Entire Business Day Window for Seamless Commuting

NMRC has increased the ticket's validity on its lines from half an hour to an entire business day.

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NOIDA (Metro Rail News): NMRC has ushered in a new era of convenience for commuters, significantly enhancing its ticketing system. Passengers can now book tickets from the comfort of their homes via the NMRC app and utilise them upon reaching the Metro Station at their convenience time, as the validity of the ticket has been increased from half an hour to an entire business day. Previously, commuters had to contend with a half-hour window between booking and usage, but with this innovative update, can be used at any time on that day. This step will also help in reducing crowds at stations and ticket windows.

This transformative change comes as part of NMRC’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the travel experience for its passengers. By extending the validity of tickets, NMRC aims to streamline the ticketing process, offering greater flexibility and convenience to commuters. Whether planning their journey or making spontaneous travel arrangements, passengers can now enjoy unparalleled ease of access to Metro tickets.

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