Obstacles in Newly Proposed Ghaziabad Metro Route, GDA Seeks Solutions with DMRC

Multiple patches of private land along the proposed corridor present legal and financial hurdles for the authority.

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GHAZIABAD (Metro Rail News): The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has encountered obstacles that may restrict the progress of the recently proposed Metro route connecting Sector 62 in Noida to Vaishali in Ghaziabad.

According to officials, multiple patches of private land along the proposed corridor present legal and financial hurdles for the authority.

To address these concerns, GDA officials are scheduled to meet with representatives from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

The discussion will focus on the newly proposed route and revisit two previously rejected routes: Mohan Nagar to Vaishali and Sector 62, Noida to Sahibabad.

The DMRC submitted a project report to the GDA in January 2020, estimating a budget of ₹1,517 crores for the Sector 62 to Sahibabad route and ₹1,808.22 crore for the Vaishali to Mohan Nagar route.

During the meeting with DMRC officials, the two earlier routes, including the Sector 62 to Sahibabad route, will be given renewed consideration. The Sector 62 to Sahibabad route, in particular, holds promise as an interchange hub for passengers with the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) project station, making it a more viable alternative to the Mohan Nagar to Vaishali route, which could reduce RRTS ridership.

The GDA is currently grappling with significant financial constraints, having faced a setback when the state government denied 50% of funding for the Ghaziabad Metro projects in May. Moreover, the authority is burdened with the repayment of two substantial loans obtained for constructing the 10.3km Hindon elevated road and increased compensation to farmers in the Madhuban Bapudham housing scheme.

The GDA has explored various options to connect the previously proposed Metro extensions for nearly two years due to a lack of funds. Ropeway link connections and alternative transit systems like Metrolite and Metro Neo were considered. Still, residents voiced their preference for Metro connectivity over other modes of transportation, leading the GDA to conclude that Metro connectivity along the two previous routes would be the optimal solution.


  1. Nothing new in Metro extension hitting roadblock in Ghaziabad….If metrolite can be the solution, I think the authorities should consider it again.


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