Patna Metro Construction Goes Green with Top Soil Conservation Efforts

The DMRC is committed to ensuring that Patna Metro Project does not cause undue harm to the city's tree population and is focused on topsoil conservation for sustainable development.

Soil and tree preservation, Patna Metro
Soil and tree preservation, Patna Metro
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PATNA ( Metro Rail News ): The construction of the city’s new metro system is taking place with a focus on topsoil conservation. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC)understands the importance of preserving the fertile top layer of soil, which is essential for growing crops, plants, and trees. It is also a finite resource that can take hundreds of years to form but can be easily lost or damaged due to construction and development activities.

DMRC is taking a responsible and sustainable approach to the construction process by
implementing measures to minimize the impact on topsoil and promote its conservation. The topsoil is being carefully removed and stored for future use in parks, green spaces, and other landscaping projects within the city. Fertile topsoil is stripped to a depth of 20cm from the areas to be used for construction, and it is then stockpiled to a maximum height of 40cm in designated areas, covered or stabilized with temporary seeding for erosion prevention and then maybe reapplied to the site during the plantation of the proposed vegetation. It is also in line with the objectives of the Soil Conservation Act, which aims to promote sustainable land use practices and prevent soil degradation.

Saving trees during metro construction is another key aspect of DMRC’s commitment to
environmental responsibility and sustainability. During construction, it is important to
minimize the impact on existing trees and to replant new trees where possible. To achieve this, DMRC has implemented several measures, such as conducting a tree survey to identify and map the location of all the trees on the construction site, protecting them by installing barriers and providing appropriate care or translocating them someplace safe on need basis.

The DMRC is committed to ensuring that Patna Metro Project does not cause undue harm to the city’s tree population and is taking steps to ensure that the new metro facility enhances the city’s natural beauty and greenery.


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