Pune Metro | KCB demanded infrastructure facilities to reduce the traffic problem


Pune: Metro work in Pune will apparently face obstacles in the Khadki cantonment board (KCB), which has demanded infrastructure facilities to reduce the traffic problems that may arise once the development takes place. The Metro replied saying that they will only comply once the Ministry of Defense makes a decision.

KCB President Brig Dheeraj Mohan raised his concern at a meeting with Maha Metro a couple of months ago. During the monthly meeting of the board last week, he again emphasized the prevalent problem. He also said that the junta has demanded overflights at Ambedkar Road and the Khadki police station and an underground passage at the Khadki train station to avoid traffic problems in the cantonment.

The board has also asked Metro officials to include their demands on the proposal, which they have sent to the ministry, which is expected to make a final decision and pass it on to the Southern Command.

Meanwhile, Metro officials have been in talks with the Ministry of Defense to approve land within the limits of cantonment. The state government and Metro officials wrote to the ministry to reinforce the demand. In fact, the Metro has maintained constant correspondence and has met with central officials to clarify their demands and routes. In the cantonment, the proposed route will start just before the Khadki station and will move towards Bopodi and will have two stops, one in the Range Hills Estate and the other in Khadki.

However, KCB has maintained that these details have not been clear. Abhay Sawant, vice president of KCB, said: “We do not specify many things about the developments of the Metro project at the cantonment boundary, we are against that. Officials must take into account the demands of board members.”

He believed that the project could also affect residents as well as create traffic problems. “We need compensatory facilities to avoid these problems before they arise.” These demands have been transmitted to the Municipal Corporation of Pune (PMC) at a meeting between the civic body, KCB, Maha Metro officials and the member of the Legislative Assembly. he added.

Maha Metro has refused to divulge details about the proposal, as it is being considered by the ministry. Brijesh Dixit, general manager of Maha Metro Rail Project, said: The process requirement will be met with Maha Metro along with the ministry’s approval of the cantonment demands. We will not have problems with your decision.

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