Reasons to attend InnoMetro 2021- A Global Event Platform for Metro & Rail Sector

A global platform to showcase latest technology & innovations

InnoMetro 2021
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NEW DELHI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): InnoMetro brings Metro, Railway, RRTS, High- Speed Rail, and Allied Sector professionals in a line to witness the latest technology and innovation three-day insightful conference.

The program is customized to maximize penetration into key trends affecting the urban mobility sector while offering one-to-one networking opportunities for you and your peers.

Our aim is to create an atmosphere for participants to become active, bring in their own experiences, initiatives and open issues about how to upgrade technology and innovation in all over the world. Our conversation approach helps to reduce barriers to collaboration and cooperation through goal-oriented and supervised discussions. Our speakers will provide you new ideas for businesses with greater understanding of the needs of cities and citizens and academia with a greater awareness of political realities and economic constraints.

Maintaining the focus on audience quality and demand, the event creates the optimum platform for latest technology & innovations with new product demonstrations. Register yourself for this unique opportunity to make new contacts and share experience, facilitated through panel discussion, interaction with speakers.


  • Sessions & Speakers: We have arranged an exciting and needful topical agenda for our audience. Gain access to a combination of panel discussions, live sessions, keynotes presentation, Q/A Session.
  • One- two- one Meeting: Connect with all your fellow attendees and potential new speakers through our dedicated online meetings platform and networking sessions. Pre-schedule or conduct instant video meetings.
  • A Fully Interactive Audience: It’s the interactions that make events special. That’s why we’re ensuring that all presentations, keynotes, Q/A Session, panel discussions and everything else you can think of will have the full interactive capability.
  • The Digital Experience: Search, access and communicate with the most innovative Speakers from your own desk. Whatever your current requirements, you will be able to find the latest services and technology solutions across the entire value chain.
  • Grow your Business: InnoMetro gives you an opportunity to increase your business networking in just 3 days. Live interactions, Panel discussions, Q/A Session etc. gives you a path to run your business in the rightest way and also help you to boost your business.


Our three-day agenda includes a keynote presentation, panel discussions, innovative topics, interactive sessions, and will feature Key-decision makers responsible for pioneering the digital transformation of the Metro, Railway, RRTS, High-Speed Rail & Allied Sector. The programme on each day will focus on specific topics and themes. 


  • Realization of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  • Advanced Signalling & Telecom Technologies.
  • Modernization & Repair of Rolling Stock.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.
  • Blockchain & Robotics.
  • Ticketing and Passenger information systems.
  • Transport Infra- Financing.
  • Mobility-as-a Service.
  • Workplace diversity and technical skills gaps.
  • Cyber Physical Security.
  • Safety Systems. 
  • Assets Maintenance and Predictive Analysis.

Target Audiences:

  • Officials and Key decision makers from Central and State Government Authorities.
  • Ministry of Railways.
  • MOHUA.
  • Metro Rail News Operators.
  • Indian Railways and Coach Factories.
  • Engineering & Construction Firms.
  • Contractors & Builders.
  • Architect and Consulting Firms.
  • Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Solution Providers.
  • OEMs.
  • Banking & Funding Institutions.
  • Urban Planner & Consultants.
  • Legal Firms.
  • Research & Development Organization.
  • Smart Cities Development Authorities.

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