RITES invites tenders for S&T works in the Panipat Jind section of Delhi Division in Northern Railway


NEW DELHI (Metro Rail News): Rail India Technical and Economic Service Limited (RITES Ltd) invites tender through E-Tendering in Two Packet system for the supply and commissioning of Signaling and Telecommunication works in the Panipat Jind section of Delhi Division in Northern Railway.

Name of Work

Design, Supply, Installation and commissioning of all the Indoor and Outdoor Signaling and Telecommunication works, and other allied works at Jind City, Pilukhera, Safidon and Madlauda stations in the Panipat Jind section of Delhi Division in Northern Railway

Important Details

Tender Reference Number – RITES/CO/RI/SnT/PMC/NR/PNP-JND

Estimated Cost of Work – INR 29.66 Crores

Completion Period – 12 Months

Document Download Start Date – 30-Mar-2021 from 05:30 PM

Document Download End Date – 22-Apr-2021 till 02:00 PM

Bid Submission Start Date – 30-Mar-2021 from 05:30 PM

Bid Submission End Date – 22-Apr-2021 till 02:00 PM

Bid Opening Date – 23-Apr-2021 02:30 PM

Brief Scope of Work

The brief Scope of the Work including mainly, but not limited to the following works (Refer BOQ), is as follows –

  • Designing of EI, , Supply of S&T materials e.g. EI material, Signaling cables, Quad cables, OFC, HA SSDAC, UFSBI, Point machine, IPS ,Data logger , RTU ,various type of Relays, Location Boxes, Signal posts, signal units, integrated LED signal lighting units and associated S&T items and execution of S&T items to complete the commissioning of S&T works.
  • UFSBI with HASSDAC, working on quad cable and OFC, are to be provided for Block working with all adjacent block sections of the concerned station and also on the adjoining stations where block working is connected.
  • Tentative/Approved SIP shall be provided to the contractor for preparing a detail Scheme including the design, supply and execution Plan. The final as built SIP shall be prepared and submitted by contractor at the time of commissioning of the concerned station/LC gates/IBH along with other drawings. It is 6 being a Railway work changes in the SIP may occur till the SAT is finalised so planning of EI design is to be done accordingly.
  • Contractor has to carry out the modification works (indoor & outdoor) in the existing adjoining stations for S&T works required in connection with Signalling works prior to commissioning EI system.
  • The work also includes the shifting of existing S&T/OFC/4quad/6Quad cables, location boxes, TLJBs, Signal Post, Point machines, wiring of location boxes, Signal units, TLJBs Junction boxes for points, SSDAC wherever required for felicitating Track works in the station section/Independent LC Gates, points and crossings, Rails, sleepers, ballast etc., existing OHE masts and wires etc.
  • Work is to be done according to specification, designs, Drawings, Manuals and circulars of Northern Railway. Details are given in the tender document elsewhere.
  • The work is to be executed on stations having Panel Interlocking/ Mechanical interlocking and mechanical LC gates, which are to be replaced with electrically operated lifting barriers.
  • Approval of various indoor and outdoor drawings from Railways/RITES.
  • Assessment, Supply, execution and commissioning of Rails/sleepers/Liners/ Ballast, Jointing of rails, Laying of Tracks, insertion of points and crossing and other associated track works to make the tracks and points ready for movement of rolling stock.
  • Designing of S&T buildings as per given Plan, Supply of all material and construction of the building including electrical works and Plumbing works and other associated works required for building Only.
  • All general electrical works
  • All TRD related works with OHE and PSI works


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