Sahibabad-Duhai section of Delhi–Meerut RRTS likely to begin by 2023

The entire 82 km section under phase 1 will be going to open in March 2025

Delhi-Meerut RRTS, Ghaziabad stretch to get started by 2023
Delhi-Meerut RRTS, Ghaziabad stretch to get started by 2023

GHAZIABAD (Metro Rail News): Passengers in Ghaziabad will be getting an additional mode of transportation in the form of Delhi–Meerut RRTS by March 2023.

According to the source, The 20 km RRTS section from Sahibabad to Duhai will be opened for metro commuters by 2023 and it will be further extended to Meerut in a phased manner.
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The first section Sahibabad to Duhai (Meerut Road) is a part of the 82km long Delhi – Meerut RRTS Corridorthat was taken up for construction. NCRTC is developing Regional Rapid Transit System project and has begun work on the 82 km phase 1 of RRTS, which will connect Delhi, Ghaziabad and Meerut.

Sudhir Sharma, the chief Public Relations officer, NCRTC said that we will be opening the Sahibabad to Duhai section in March 2023. Work on the stretch in Ghaziabad has already started and will be the first to be completed. This will be the first section under phase 1 to be opened. Simultaneously, work will also continue on the other sections and these will be joined with one another.

The NCRTC has initiated RRTS stations at Sahibabad, New Bus Adda, Guldhar, Duhai, Murad Nagar, Modi Nagar (south) and Modi Nagar (North) in Ghaziabad district. The agency has initiated an integration with the Metro line, at Sahibabad and New Bus Adda (NBA).

“The first work that will be taken up is the work on the elevated corridor on the 82km stretch while the work on the underground section will be scheduled late. The entire 82km stretch from Delhi to Meerut, 15km are underground,” said by the sources in NCRTC.

In Delhi, the phase 1 is going to have three stations, with Sarai Kale Khan and New Ashok Nagar on elevated section, while the Anand Vihar station will have underground.

The official of NCRTC added,” the elevated corridors will be completed first and the work on the entire 82km will go continuously. the work will start soon in Delhi and tenders are likely to be floated in another three months.”

The project was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March during his visit to Ghaziabad and the RRTS project is fixed to cost Rs.30,274crore.

NCTRC officer said, “The entire 82km section under phase 1 will going to open in March 2025. Thereafter, we will be running trains alternatively from Delhi (Sarai Kale Khan) to Duhai (at five-minute intervals) and Delhi to Meerut (at 10-minute intervals). As a large number of passengers commute daily between Delhi and Ghaziabad, the frequency of trains between Delhi and Duhai will be high.”

The officials said they also plan to provide at least seven foot-overbridges for the local population on the RRTS stretch in Ghaziabad. They added that talks are on with the state administration for the purpose.


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