Skywalk bridging New Delhi railway with adjacent metro station opens today

the skywalk announced by DMRC on Friday has been opened today on 5th March 2022 for public use.


New Delhi (Metro Rail News): The skywalk joining New Delhi railway station with the adjacent metro station which was announced by DMRC on Friday have been opened today on 5th March 2022 for public use.

The dedicated skywalk is constructed by DMRC in collaboration with Northern railway and has been opened at 10:00 am today. On social media handles the DMRC have announced the benefits of this skywalk such as it will provide immaculate connectivity between the New Delhi railway station and the metro station of New Delhi on the Yellow line and Airport Express Line and will also help in smooth movement of the traffic flow on the Ajmeri gate side of the railway station.

DMRC also posted about the situation and challenges which the engineers faced during the construction of this skywalk, especially during the covid-19 pandemic and added that “The Skywalk has been provided with escalators along with facilities such as CCTV surveillance cameras and many more”.

Regarding the traffic movement and construction, DMRC said that the structure had to be built above a functional underground metro station just 3 metres below with major traffic movement on Bhavbhuti Marg. Also, the bridge had to be connected to two pre-existing building structures at the far ends ensuring minimum inconvenience to the people, infrastructure and other buildings nearby.


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