We wouldn’t afford Kochi Metro to become another KSRTC, said MD Kochi Metro

Kochi Metro bear Rs. One Crore loses every day due to fewer footfalls because of the Covid-19 pandemic

Kochi Metro
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KOCHI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): On Sunday, Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) Managing Director Shri Loknath Behera said we wouldn’t afford Kochi Metro to become another KSRTC. As per the given information, Kochi Metro bear Rs. One Crore loses every day due to fewer footfalls because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rationalising the fare structure, offering concessions to frequent travellers, introducing each day pass system and discounts to NCC and student police cadets and senior citizens as in Singapore were considered. In addition, every effort will be made to make sure the security and well-being of individuals aged 70 years and above. All this is often important since people must feel “at home” within the metro system.

Expressing dismay at finding just a couple of individuals within the metro train that he boarded after being placed at the agency’s helm, the previous State captain said the metro system couldn’t afford to work with such low patronage and incur a loss. “Why can’t the metro, which offers a fast, reliable and clean service, attract an adequate number of people when other commuting modes are overcrowded. I will go the entire thanks to making sure that the metro system attains the target that I even have fixed, of carrying over a lakh people every day by year-end. For this, I have the government’s full support,” Shri Loknath Behera said.

Assuring that systemic changes were on the anvil, Shri Loknath Behera said he had received tons of encouragement and support from different sections of society in Kochi. Close on the heels of the substantial reduction in parking charges at metro stations from Monday, tangible and sustainable measures are going to be unrolled to extend footfall in metro trains. It will be done after taking a holistic view of public feedback received for the fortnight-long survey that was commissioned recently. Its findings are expected to be consolidated by 02nd October 2021.


  1. It is a good decision to reduce parking fee. Please introduce card payment at stations. Problem of last mile connectivity also to be solved. Introduce prepaid auto/taxi service.

  2. Metro will see higher footfalls after the pandemic is over… Once the infopark Phase is completed the metro will definitely see huge surge in commuters!! We love the metro…

  3. Quite natural that any public transportation system will incure loss if commuters are less and operating cost are there. All sources of increasing income and cost reduction should be implemented,without affecting security of all, completing remaining stage as early as possible,communicatons through social media, offering attractive ticket rates etc are some suggestions.

  4. Then please reduce the ticket price at par with Kolkata Metro, increase the number of passengers and thus popularise it. The rush in Kolkata metro in the morning office going hours and similar hours of evening is one thing to be seen. Here we have to woo the local ticket holders of railways especially season tickets. The metro train usage by regular goers has not been inculcated even in the 5th year of operation. It is unable to match the Chennai Metro eventhough the latter came to operations after 2 years of Comet. The planning and implementation is impeccable here. Also it enjoy definite advantage being an underground tube. To see the metro train you have to take a ticket. In kochi metro, to get the viewing experience, you don’t have to purchase a ticket, thus a revenue loss. There is no curiosity factor and problem is componded by ticket price. The kolkata metro does not provide for Parking in most of the stations. But its strength is regular goers.


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