Western Railways to introduce first solar power AC EMU

The groundbreaking underslung motor-equipped train is built to operate on Mumbai's flooded tracks and provides travellers with a hassle-free ride in any circumstance.

first solar power AC local EMU
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MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): The Western Railways is getting ready to introduce solar-powered AC local Electric Multiple Units (EMU) which will be a first for Mumbai. A high-powered particularly designed train modeled after Train 18’s Semi-High Speed design will be the new EMU. The groundbreaking underslung motor-equipped train is built to operate on Mumbai’s flooded tracks and provides travelers with a hassle-free ride in any circumstance.

Since, it was first introduced in 2018, the design and concept have reportedly been tested in a number of different ways. According to certain reports, an underslung motor may not function efficiently in the case of waterlogging problems. However, according to the ICF, the train has undergone several trials on various surfaces and zones and no problems with the underslung motors have been noted.

The flexible, lightweight solar panels on the solar-powered AC local train can produce 3.6 kilowatts of electricity which can run the train’s lights and fans. Additionally, the seating capacity is increased from 1,028 to 1,116 due to the design of these rakes.

The Western Railways also incorporated several features such as wider gangways for more people to walk on, CCTV surveillance, a regenerative braking system that allows up to 35% power savings and anti-skid rubberized flooring for passengers’ safety, to ensure traveler-centric services on the new rakes. Following a quick passenger survey more local trains will be equipped with solar panels.


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