Women ignored in male dominated Construction Industries in India

Women ignored in male dominated industries
Women ignored in male dominated industries
It has come to light that some reputed Construction Industries are denying job to female candidates at higher positions on the pretext that ladies can’t be posted at project sites due to the reasons best known to them.

Surprisingly, while our government is making all possible efforts for the upliftment of women in all directions, such companies opt to deny even their normal rights which is a highly anti-social and anti-nation practice.

It is really very unfortunate and demoralizing for the women who are confident of their capabilities, prepared to work in tough conditions and accept challenges.  It is a well-known fact that today’s women are doing well in all fields, including space, defence and what not. So, instead of harming the women candidates by denying their right of job, our entrepreneurs should contribute in the society and nation’s interests by way of helping the female candidates in all possible ways.

Construction Industries in India
Construction Industries in India

Recently have an interaction with a lady who had rich experience in Construction industries  with MNC company. When she applied for vacant position in other construction Industries in India. She got reply from HR of company that they don’t appoint ladies at sites. This is not about one company. She heard same reply from other Indian construction companies too. Do you think this kind of discrimination should be there? She is not able to apply to many positions simply because being female candidate. She said that she have exposure to work at project site also with this MNC. Now, it has become very difficult for her to find job in her experienced field. Hope, the CEOs of such companies would understand their responsibility towards nation and the society.

On one side our society says that we should uplift ladies. On other this kind of action being done with ladies. Denying job to female candidates on such whimsical grounds is a clear disrespect to our Country where women had been great leader even when India was not completely Independent country.


  1. I trust our entrepreneurs will encourage our women who are willing to work in challenging positions for mainly 3 reasons:
    – they are honest, hard working and job-centic….
    – will create a disciplined environment at the work place.
    – will reduce corrupt practices……..

  2. Really very shameful for such companies who not only demoralize deserving female candidates on their whimsical grounds, but also dishonour the government’s feelings and directives towards upliftment of women who are now prepared to face any challenges in all fields of life. In stead of encouraging the women candidates, denying jobs to them without any genuine reason is an anti-social and anti-nation act.

  3. India has been built by women- migrant women in the informal sector who have carried the bricks, mortar, dirt and water that form the foundation of Delhi, Mumbai and all of India’s great modern cities. These millions of women construction workers are ignored and invisible. As the construction industry becomes more technological and enters the formal economy, India’s women construction workers should receive the training they need to do more skilled work with better pay and under improved working conditions.


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