GPS based CORS technique to ensure accurate alignment of Rapid Rail


New Delhi, April 23, 2021– The Linear Railway infra projects require high accuracy surveys to achieve designed track alignment. Given the design speed of 180 kmph on the structure either elevated viaducts or underground tunnels, there is no scope for fault in the construction of RRTS structures and tracks. The NCRTC is using “Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS)” technology to ensure accurate civil structure alignment in the construction of Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor.

CORS- Continuously Operating Reference Station – is a global positioning system (GPS) based technology mainly used in surveys, mapping, and allied services. This technique ensures complete accuracy in the construction of a predetermined corridor in civil construction so that the planned alignment can be achieved.

Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut is an 82 km long corridor going over rivers, railway lines, roads, expressways, and flyovers. Hence it is very important to maintain accuracy in civil structure alignment. Keeping this in mind, the NCRTC went beyond the traditional technologies and adopted an ultra-modern survey technique, CORS, which is being used for the first time in the country in any mega infrastructure project.  

CORS is a network of ‘reference stations’ that are established at every 10-15 kilometers along with the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS corridor, these CORS ‘reference stations’ are connected to the “Control Center”, which provides the real-time data to the rovers collected from 3-5 reference stations. The entire process of data collection enables the rovers to achieve accuracy of up to 10 mm.

Also, given the limited timeframe for the implementation of the country’s first RRTS project, the construction work is in progress at multiple sites simultaneously. To ensure that construction at multiple locations does not impact the accuracy of the project, CORS is being used as it mitigates the risks of any kind of error during the construction. The CORS network is set up for the first time in the country for a rail-based project, the system is set to be a path-breaking system for such projects to conduct surveys.

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