InnoMetro – Global Event for Metro Rail Innovations

Registrations open till 25th April 2021. Registration will be on “First come, First serve” basis limited seats available.


NEW DELHI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): InnoMetro is a global event platform to showcases the latest innovations & technology for Metro Rail Sector in a three-day insightful conference & expo. The program is customized to maximize penetration into crucial trends affecting the urban mobility sector while offering one to one networking opportunities.

InnoMetro to held Virtually on 28th, 29th and 30th April 2021, which is mainly focused on Realization of Atmanirbhar Bharat, Advanced signalling & Telecom technologies, Modernization and Repair of Rolling Stock, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Robotics, Ticketing and Passenger Information Systems, Assets Maintenance and Predictive Analysis, Transport Infra-Financing, Mobility-as-a-Service, Transport Infra-Sustainability, Workforce diversity and technical skills gaps, Cyber, Physical Security and Safety Systems, Improving Passenger Experience, Data Tools for Metro & Railway.

The target audience for this event are officials and key decision-makers from Central & State Government Authorities, Ministry of Railways, MOHUA, Metro Rail Operators, Indian Railways and Coach Factories, Engineering & Construction Firms, Contractors & Builders, Architect and Consulting Firms, Public Sector Undertakings, Solution providers, OEMs, Banking & Funding Institutions, Urban Planner and Consultants, Legal Firms, Research & Development Organization and  Smart Cities Development Authorities. People can also participate in this event as Sponsor, Speaker, Exhibitor & Delegates.

With a believe that technology can change anyone life and technology is something that is gaining increasing importance in the world today. Wherever you look, there is technology. Even the device you are using to read this article uses technology. In simple words, technology is when we use science to apply it for practical purposes. So, get ready to witness the unforeseen era, which joins 2500+ Delegates, 100+Speakers, 50+Exhibitor and 78+ Countries under one roof.

Delegate Registrations

Registrations open till 25th April 2021. Registration will be on “First come, First serve” basis limited seats available.

  • Early Registration (up to 15th April 2021): Rs. 299 for 3 days.
  • Late Registration (16th April 2021 onwards): Rs. 599 for 3days.

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