Lucknow Metro increases stay time limit inside the paid areas

Lucknow Metro

LUCKNOW (Metro Rail News) : To enhance travel experience of the commuters, the ‘Stay time limit’ inside the paid area of metro stations has been increased from 90 Minutes to 120 minutes wef 11.09.2020. It means validity of travelling with tokens and smart card per journey is increased by 30 minutes now. Stay time limit for exiting from the source station is still 20 minutes.
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UPMRC has taken this decision to facilitate passenger convenience. The purpose behind increasing the travel validity of the Go Smart Card and Metro tokens in the paid area of the station premises from 90 to 120 minutes is to give passengers a smooth, safe and enjoyable travel experience”, a statement released by the UPMRC said.

“In fact, full vigilance is being exercised in Metro operations during Covid-19, as well as due to the time taken in thermal scanning and sanitization or security checks, Uttar Pradesh Metro has decided to provide these additional facilities to the passengers. But if a passenger stays within the paid area of the station premises, or metro system, even beyond the stipulated deadline, then the fine of Rs 10 per hour continues as before”, said the statement.

“Lucknow Metro has always given priority to the convenience and safety of the passengers. People traveling through Metro Token and Go Smart Card can now use 30 minutes more time in Metro journey than before which will definitely enhance their experience and satisfaction”, said Mr Kumar Keshav, Managing Director of UPMRC.


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