Maha Metro to Commercialize Pune Metro’s Stations’ Names

Extending revenue model by commercializing names for upcoming stations

Pune Metro's Ruby Hall Clinic Metro Station Board.
Pune Metro's Ruby Hall Clinic Metro Station Board.
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PUNE (Metro Rail News): Maha Metro, the authority managing the Pune Metro System, has an innovative strategy to boost revenue by commercializing the names of metro stations. The Pune Metro System currently displays names of companies and organizations on its six stations, resulting in an annual addition in total revenue ranging from Rs. 55 to Rs. 72 lakh/station.


Some of the station names whose entrances currently feature names of these entities are Pune Railway Station, Ruby Hall, Phugewadi, Nal Stop, Garware College, and Kalyani Nagar.

MahaMetro plans to extend these initiatives beyond existing stations, using station names for advertising at upcoming stations such as Mandai, Budhwar Peth, Khadki, and Yerwada.

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Pune metro stations.

Maha Metro Objectives

Recognising the challenges posed by maintaining low ticket prices, MahaMetro prioritises alternative revenue streams to compensate its passenger traffic income. In addition to station name commercialization, MahaMetro is exploring advertising opportunities on metro trains to bolster non-fare box revenue.

These efforts align with MahaMetro’s broader strategy to explore various sources of non-fare box revenue and increase the share of non-fare box income in its total earnings. By integrating the names of well-known companies and organizations in Pune Metro, MahaMetro has successfully converted it into an advertising hub.

This approach of diversifying revenue sources shows MahaMetro’s commitment to financial sustainability and operational efficiency in managing Pune’s metro system. The initiative secures MahaMetro a steady income. It presents businesses with a unique advertising platform, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that contributes to Pune’s metro infrastructure’s overall growth and success.

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