Noida Metro | NMRC begins first trial run of Metro train on Aqua Line


Noida: The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) started its first official trial run today at 3:30 pm on Aqua line which connecting Noida and Greater Noida. NMRC MD Alok Tandon and DMRC MD Mangu Singh have flagged off the first Metro train trial run jointly.

first official trial run today at 3:30 pm on Aqua line which connecting Noida and Greater Noida.

Initially, the subway will run between Greater Noida Depot and Knowledge Park 2 subway station, a stretch of around 6 km, after testing and authorization, according to an official statement.

The total length of this subway link is 29.07 km and is called the Noida-Greater Noida Metro Rail corridor. It has 21 metro stations, with the Noida Sector 71 in Noida and the Delta Depot station in Greater Noida, which are the two terminal stations, according to the statement.

The rolling stock of this corridor is being acquired by CRRC Limited, a Chinese state-owned manufacturer. DMRC signed the memorandum of understanding on behalf of Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) Ltd with CRRC Corporation Limited in March 2016. Standard gauge trains are manufactured at the Nanjing plant.

Standard-width trains are manufactured at the Nanjing plant. The train with 4 coaches arrived in Greater Noida on December 14, 2017. The tests and validations of the basic movement were made during the last fortnight

The train has been designed with ‘Aqua Blue’ as the theme color. Each train will be composed of four coaches with a total capacity of 186 passengers. The total passenger capacity of the train (seats + standing) is approximately 1,000 passengers under load conditions.

The runner will have a total of 19 train sets (that is, 76 coaches). The trains are expected to arrive every two weeks, according to the statement.

Each train has two trailers and two cars and the total number of seats in both is 43 and 50, respectively. Each trainer has ports for mobile and USB charging, 6 backlit LCD screens (liquid crystal displays) and 4 dynamic route maps.

Dedicated space has been provided for passengers traveling in wheelchairs on towing cars at both ends of the trains, he added.

The civil work of this 29,7 km long standard width corridor with 21 stations was completed in November 2017 with the construction of the last beam. Track laying and system works are in progress.

During the test, the train will undergo rigorous signaling tests. During tests and test runs, the Metro train interface will be checked to ensure there are no physical infractions with the civil infrastructure during the movement of the train on the track and tests will also be carried out on several bus subsystems.

The authorities of Noida and Gran Noida have decided to have their own Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), jointly financed by the authorities of the two cities, on behalf of the NMRC.

After the execution of the test and the technical authorization, the Metro service will be opened and opened to the public. It is expected that the Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, will inaugurate it, the statement said.

The goal of NMRC is to facilitate mass transit and other urban transport in the twin cities, he said. “NMRC’s vision is to develop a world-class subway with sustainable development, whose mission is to provide safe, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation services for people,” he added.

NMRC said it had started an urban bus service last year and that its fleet is connecting Metro stations in Noida and also connecting it to several sectors in Greater Noida.

This metropolitan corridor is built by the DMRC on the basis of a turnkey consultancy. For this, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed with the DMRC in October 2014.

He said there is also a plan to implement ‘a city, a card’ as a smart card for this subway corridor and NMRC feeder buses.

This corridor will have the initiative of green energy since generations of solar power of 10 MW are planned from solar panels installed on the roofs of Metro stations.

The provision of rainwater collection will also be available at all stations and along the viaduct.

In addition to this Metro corridor, NMRC will develop two other subway corridors. A corridor is 14.95 km between Sector 71-72 of Noida to the V Knowledge Park Greater Noida that has 9 metro stations. Another corridor that will develop the NMRC is 10,922 km from Okhla Birds Sanctuary to Sector 142 Noida with eight stations.

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