RPF Personnel Saves Woman who fell from a Moving Train

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MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): With help of a Railway Police Officer’s (RPF) a fatal accident where death could be inevitable was avoided at a railway station in Mumbai. The whole incident was caught from CCTV footage recovered from the platform. The alert RPF constable saved a woman from possibly being killed (or harmed) under a train after she fell while trying to board a moving train.
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The accident happened at Ghatkopar railway station, a busy spot for local trains with heavy foot traffic on the platforms, on Wednesday, October 28. The CCTV footage shows the harrowing the accident, where a woman can be seen darting through the crowded platform, eager to get reach the train which can be seen slowly accelerating. She jumps forward, hoping to enter through the wide-open doorway, but she collides with the iron rod in the middle of the open door. The impact is severe as she ricochets off the train and onto the platform. Soon, due to the inertia, she almost slips towards the edge of the platform. She would have slipped under the train if it weren’t for the vigilant RPF constable who can be seen rushing to her aid and pulling her away from the moving train.

If he was a little late in reaching, the woman would have gone under the local train bogie. The constable saved her from a fatal fate of getting crushed under the speeding train. Their identities are not known as of now. This is not the first time an RPF officer saved someone’s life from a speeding train in Mumbai. In February of 2019, RPF personnel, Praveen Kumar saved a woman’s life at the Malad railway station. The woman had fallen from the train and was being dragged away on the tracks. Kumar received many praises for his alertness and heroic act.


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