Prashant Pawar claims Maha Metro for favoring L&T

Prashant Pawar leader of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan alleged that Maha Metro had favoured L&T which runs Hyderabad Metro, in leasing coaches

Nagpur Metro

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): Prashant Pawar leader of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan alleged that Maha Metro had favored L&T which runs Hyderabad Metro, in leasing coaches. However, Maha Metro trashed his claim citing directives of Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS).

Quoting a preliminary audit report “Maha metro had leased six coaches from L&T for Rs.15 crore a year. Moreover, the coaches were leased for four years when they were required only for one year, “, Pawar said.

Brijesh Dixit, the MahaMetro managing director stated that the coaches have been leased for 3 years and not four. He also added that “After using them in Nagpur, we will take them to Pune and later maybe Thane if state Government awards the project to us. It takes weeks for new coaches to be tested and so the ones leased were vital for the trail run and inspections of Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) and Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS).

He further added that,” We had earlier contacted Chennai Metro, a government owned one, for two trains. However, they are four coach trains and our platforms are not that long. Secondly, they have side evacuation facility against front evacuation of our coaches. CMRS asked us to lease only those trains that are similar to ours.”

The cost of Nagpur Metro train is around Rs. 30 crores, including taxes. However, L&T has charged Rs. 7.5 crore per train per year.  Brijesh Dixit said that, “Even Chennai Metro has asked for Rs.7.10 crore per train. The rent is on the higher side but it’s a suppliers market. We didn’t contact other Metros after CMRS directive.”

Dixit said that,” There was a delay of about four months in finalizing the contract as one of the bidders had approached High Court and then Supreme Court.” Pawar also claimed that there was a delay in delivery of coaches from China. Dixit responded it saying Nagpur Metro was the fastest in ordering the rolling stock.

“The cost of rolling stock as per the detailed project report (DPR) was Rs 9222 crore while Nagpur Metro had awarded the tender for Rs 718 crore thus leading to a saving of Rs 204 crore,” said buy the MD.

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan had earlier claimed that the contractor for Reach III had been awarded the contract for building some stations of Reach II without any tender. Dixit also added that the DPR nowhere mentioned that construction work had to be awarded  to different contractors,” Our contract for Reach III clearly states that work site means the places where the permanent works are to be executed and any other places as may be specified in the contract as forming part of the site. Our site in the entire city of Nagpur.”

Brijesh Dixit stated that they were held on the request of citizen who had endured a lot of inconvenience during construction work. The coaches from L&T were leased for trial run and not joyrides. Pawar also alleged Maha Metro for holding joyrides saying that there was no provision for it in DPR.

CMRS investigates Nagpur Metro

A team of Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) led by commission Janak Kumar Garg took stock of various works being done by Nagpur Metro in Reach I (Sitabuldi to Khapri).  KL Purthi and Varun Maurya were other members of the team. CMRS is here to sanction the second line of Reach I.

Garg first met Maha Metro managing director Dixit to learn about the progress of Reach I. he then held meetings with senior officials, including Mahesh Kumar, Sunil Mathur, S Sivamathan, Anil Kokate and others.

The commissioner then visited Sitabuldi interchange station. He inspected the security system and various facilities available at the station. They included smoke detection system, emergency lighting, fire safety equipment, scanner, automatic fare collection gates, escalators, etc.

CMRS team will travel by trolley from Sitabuldi to Khapri and inspect Airport and Khapri stations on the way. Morning services in Metro will be closed on Thursday.

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