Priority Corridor of Kanpur Metro to Run on Automatic Operation Mode   

IIT to Motijheel stretch of Kanpur Metro adopts Automatic Train Operation (ATO) Mode.

Inauguration of ATO on The Kanpur Metro
Inauguration of ATO on The Kanpur Metro

KANPUR (Metro Rail News): Operations on the priority stretch of Kanpur metro running between IIT to Motijheel began operation on Automatic Train Operation (ATO) mode from Sunday onwards. The operations were inaugurated after a Puja held at the IIT metro station on Saturday. 

UPMRC tweeted, “ Kanpur Metro will run on ATO (Automatic Train Operation) mode on the priority corridor. Automatic operation of the metro will bring efficiency in safety and punctuality”. 

Journey, so far 

The trains on this line have been running in Automatic Train Protection (ATP) mode, which features an automatic braking system to avoid any kind of accident, keeping in mind passengers’ safety. Under this, operators used to play a significant role in train operations. 

Journey, ahead 

In Automatic Train Operations (ATO), the majority of operations related to trains will be automatic, ranging from motoring or braking to Platform Duty. Only door closing has been left upon the metro operator in order to avoid any sort of hurried response and ensure the highest level of passenger safety. 

Puja being hed at the IIT station

Efficiency at its peak 

The system will ensure the highest level of efficiency in the metro trains, ensuring negligible chances of human error. In this, the operator intervention is brought down to zero, ensuring zero human intervention that will lead to the highest safety and efficiency on the tracks. 

Metro Trains 

Metro services are divided into various categories like GoA1, GoA2, GoA3, etc. These grades inform about the level of automation that can be exercised with these trains. Kanpur Metro trains are GoA 3 Category trains. 

GoA-3 is the 4th level of Automation to be exercised on Metro trains, where a train operates autonomously without any driver but can be intervened by human operators in command centres if thought necessary. 

Necessary Pre-requirements 

To run trains on the GoA-3 level of automation, a Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) System is required. Along with this, an Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) System is also installed in order to control & adjust speed in abnormal conditions. 

Kanpur Metro 

Kanpur metro is being built at a cost of Rs. 11,076.48 Crores, with its First Phase, the Orange Line running between IIT Kanpur & Motijheel, being inaugurated in December 2021 by PM Narendra Modi. The remaining 14.9 km stretch of Orange Line between Motijheel & Naubasta is under construction. 

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